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Second Pepperspray Resignation

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Another GJPD Officer resigned Friday who was on paid administrative leave. ¬†The PD seems to back-pedaling. When the allegations of misuse of pepper-spray against houseless peoples property came to light in early July, Camper said that there were a “small number of incidents” and that one officer was placed on paid administrative leave because of the investigation.

With the announcement of the second officer resigning, Camper is now saying that the officer was on paid leave for an un-related issue. And no information has been released about the nature of these incidents. See the Sentinel story Here.


Former GJPD Officer Coyne’s Victim Sues PD

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Way back last fall GJPD officer Coyne was arrested for sexual assault and fired. Coyne had responded to a Domestic Dispute, and then after work he allegedly went back to the victims house and sexually assaulted her.


Coyne after bonding out of jail. Took his own life with a bullet in a Denver Freeway Motel.

It was later discovered that Coyne had had a similar complaint against him but the District Attorney and the PD’s internal investigation found that there was a lack of evidence to proceed.

Read the Sentinel’s story here.

Three GJPD Officers Fired Media Round-UP

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Mesa County Sheriffs Office Investigation of the Tent Slashing Incident

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