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GJPD Pursuit Ends in Crash

Posted in City of Grand Junction, GJPD, Grand Junction by GJPD Exposed on May 31, 2010

http://www.krextv.com had this nice little story that illustrates the dangers of chasing suspects through busy intersections.

A Grand Junction Police Officer on the hunt for a hubcab bandit ends up in a car crash of his own. Around 7:00 p.m. on Friday, Grand Junction Police officials say their officer was going after a man who was suspected of stealing hubcaps. With lights and sirens activated, the officer’s patrol car entered the intersection at 12th Street and Orchard Avenue. A truck coming from the opposite direction could not stop in time and was struck by the police cruiser.

“They both braked and tried to stop and swerve, but the police officer ran into the side of the pickup, “said Stephen Johnson who witnessed the crash.

Grand Junction Police Sergeant Jim Creasy said, “He believes his officer’s lights and sirens were operating, but a review still has to be done to make sure the police officer was in the right.”

No one was injured in the accident. The Colorado State Patrol is currently investigating the crash.

Police were able to catch the hubcap bandit and take him into custody.

* This comment on the KREX site is quite illustrative “It must be time for gun control and driver safety classes for those who “serve and protect” us. It seems that there has been alot of “accidents” involving G.J. ‘s finest!!” by Educate2010


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